We use only quality equipment with up to 3500 Psi. And temperatures of up to 250 Degrees. We also have the Newest Water Recovery System. We only use only the very best Environmental friendly chemicals, to ensure our clients are satisfied, while all the time abiding by strict Government regulations with the California’s clean water act. High-pressure washing is highly recommended when cleaning & sanitizing trash receptacles, grocery carts, trash bins and Compactor and other odor causing bacteria.

solar-panel-cleaners[1]First Step: Spray down working area with soap then Wash Sidewalks down with Twister The areas that are visible to people. Thru the years, molds, mildew & grease tends to build up making them look dull and grungy. With high pressure washing you can safely remove all this in half the time and cost of replacement

Second Step: Wash & rinse off with hand Gun remove Gum and any stain When done property, high-pressure washing can bring miracle to your property. It is one of the most efficient, cost effective ways of removing years of environmental pollutants. It improves the appearance of your home or business by taking years of grimes, dirt, and mold paint, oil or even gum off your property. Regular maintenance is the most COST effective plan for you .Oil & other spill left to sit on your concrete for a period of time are absorbed deep down & can stain badly making it harsh on the surface when you clean it. We put our utmost care in cleaning but the less pressure we use & the less chemical we apply the longer the life of your concrete will will be.

672[1]We understand that sometimes business is tough and you need to streamline your expenses but delaying your service is not to your best interest. The longer you wait the dirtier your facilities will be and the more expensive it will be for you in the long run. Don't let tough times stop you from calling us. We are here to help you. We can tailor a plan that will better serve you better fit your needs. So give us a call anytime & let us show you what we can do.

H2O Pressure Washing Inc has covered all your tailored needs.

Waste Water Recycling & Reclamation
We recycle waste water used in the cleaning process and treat it to remove any impurities. Once this process is completed, the water can safely be used for irrigation purposes. This is just one of the ways that H2O Pressure Washing stands by its commitment to water conservation and sustainability.

Basement Pump Outs
Floods happen. And when they do, H2O Pressure Washing has got you covered! We’ll come to your basement with the equipment and the expertise to remove water efficiently and effectively. This will minimize damage and return your basement to its original condition.

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List of Services We Offer:
- Commercial
- Residential
- Store Fronts
- Water Recovery
- Graffiti Removal
- Trash Enclosure
- Parking Lot Structure
- Building Washing
- Driveways/Sidewalks
- Fences/Roofs
- Gum removal
- Rust removal
- Wood Restoration
- Gutter Cleaning and much more