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H2O Pressure Washing Inc

We believe that we can achieve our goal by providing top quality & reliable service, by giving honest but competitive prices and by striving for excellence. We promise not only to meet your expectations but also to exceed them. Our goal is to keep you happy because we believe that a happy and satisfied customer is a customer for life. H20 Pressure Washing Inc is setting a new standard for the professional pressure washing industry we use best, environmental friendly chemicals available to date. H20 Pressure Washing inc. has diverse commercial accounts and experience in the industry, which includes; Store Front, Farmer Boy's Restaurants, Gas Stations, Shopping Mall Center and a lot more. The appearance & condition of your property plays an important role in the profitability of your business. A clean and well-maintained establishment attracts more customers, shoppers & even investor. Your home, office and other real estate properties are one of your biggest investments & how you choose to maintain them is crucial. COMPLIANCE: The EPA has strick rules & regulations regarding running water & contaminated water entering the storm drain. Property Owners can be fined up to $10,000.00 for the first offense if caught in violation of the CLEAN WATER ACT.

Why Choose Us?

  • High-pressure washing can cut cleaning time in half.
  • More effective in removing grease & oil in concrete.
  • Saves money over renovating or replacing.
  • Gums or mildews cannot be removed by using garden hose and cold water.
  • High-pressure washing helps maintain the resale value of your property.
  • It helps sanitize your surroundings harboring you & your customers from disease & bacteria.
  • A well - maintained property conveys a lot about you.

Our Clients

  • Property Management Shopping
  • Center / Plaza Parking Lots / Garage
  • Washing Building & Houses
  • Dumpster Areas & Trash Compactor
  • Oil Spill Remove Restaurants Outside
  • Eating Areas Gas Stations
  • Tile Roof Homes
  • Cleaning Solar Panels